Episode 21 - 1992: Patriot Games and Throwback Trivia


Aaron Cohen and Dan Fleschner join Matt Stroup for our first foray into the Harrison Ford archives, and an in-depth look at what is not his best movie: Patriot Games (starring James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Thora Birch and Sean Bean aka Ned Stark from Game of Thrones). Also on this episode: the first official edition of Throwback Show Trivia, which was enjoyable even if some of the questions (especially the Boyz II Men one) left a little something to be desired. You can listen to the episode directly below this paragraph, and more on 1992 after we drop this media player right here:

More from 1992:

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Patriot Games - the bar scene
Patriot Games - motorboat showdown
Game 6 of the 1992 World Series, in its entirety (if for some reason you have three and a half hours to spare)