Episode 18 - 2000: Mission to Mars, Beverly Hills, 90210


In Episode 18, we venture into unchartered territory on this podcast: the year 2000, and a film called Mission to Mars (starring Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Tim Robbins and some pouches of Dr. Pepper). Also on this episode: We look back to the show Beverly Hills, 90210, and a real-life 90210 expert (Mike) shows off his skills in a pressure-packed round of trivia. As always, you can find the episode on iTunes, or just click play below... and more links from 2000 right after the media player...

Mission to Mars - trailer
Mission to Mars - the first sandstorm (aka the big one)
Mission to Mars - the start of the dancing scene (the only full-length version we could find was dubbed in German)
Beverly Hills, 90210 - Scott's death
Mike's brother: very helpful as a trivia lifeline 
This just in: Brady Anderson's 50-HR year was 1996