Episode 18 Update: Zack's Beverly Hills, 90210 Memories


As you know if you listened to Episode 18 of The Throwback Show, co-host Zack V. is a big big fan of 90210 - and he knows a ton about the show, all of which is true and not at all made up. He shared a few of his memories on the air during Episode 18, but he wanted to pass along the rest. Here they are... enjoy!

-Remember when Tori Spelling's character, Donna Martin, got in that car crash?  Scary, but so real.

-Fav. Moment: when Luke Perry's character tried out for the football team but got his arm broken during tryouts.  After it healed up, he was able to throw a really wicked fastball.  Then the Chicago Cubs get word of this and draft him to play for them--he ends up having an incredible rookie season.  So unlikely, but so very compelling!

-Sad news when Ian Zierling's character, Steve, got that eye infection while vacationing in the Amazon, but he did a remarkable job of playing a partially blind person, brought good awareness to the struggles of losing your eyesight, especially at that young age.  I've gotta give him mad props and big kudos for that portrayal.

-Lighter moments of Brenda and Brandon get into that fight in the kitchen about how much mayonnaise to put on a sandwich.  They really bickered like siblings do!  I heard they lived together while the show was taping to get into character better.  Let's just say they had to share one bathroom, and those two are both high maintenance, so you can imagine the tiffs they got into waiting for the shower! LOL!

-The show was so real at times: when Dylan killed those drifters just to win over Brenda's heart.  What a great sex scene that followed!

-There was that one season where that new kid, Trevor, came to school and everyone was excited for him because he was wearing that leather jacket and said he had a motorcycle.  As the season progressed, we got hints that there was more to him than meets the eye, and lo and behold, he was an undercover cop!  The drug bust scene at the end of that was quite the cliffhanger!

-And who can forget the summer vacation 3 episode mini-series, when the gang went to Hawaii and everyone fell in love with local gals and guys.  You felt like you were in on the fun, surfing, having bonfires, and generally being a teen in summertime.  Just thinking about it is a treat right now; feel like I have the breeze in my hair and a coconut drink in my hand.  

-Creator's of the show were really able to build out their world; half of the fun was just seeing the gang hang out at The Max, having to be stuck in the library for detention all weekend, and when they all tried to pledge for fraternities, but were ostracized for being nerds.  So many fun adventures with the gang!

Thanks, Beverley Hills 90210!

(If you haven't heard it already, check out Episode 18 below...)