Episode 5 - 1990: Kindergarten Cop, In Living Color, You Can't Do That on Television


1990... a year that saw the end of one iconic sketch comedy show (You Can't Do That on Television), and the start of another: In Living Color. In the latest episode of The Throwback Show, we discuss them both, including the Wanda sketch starring Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey above. (Also referenced during the episode: Deadspin.com's look at In Living Color 25 years later, which you can find right here).

1990 also brought us a slew of great movies, from The Hunt for Red October to Home Alone to Goodfellas (and we're kicking ourselves for forgetting to mention the latter during the episode). However, we decided to focus our collective energy on the amusing, often grim world of Kindergarten Cop (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), where being on a pony somehow corresponds to being safe from danger.

As always, you can find the episode embedded below, or on iTunes/your preferred podcast listening apparatus. And we'll post a few more links relating to the episode right after we drop this audio player here: