Episode 14 - 1995: The Net and the NES


We learned a number of things on our return trip to 1995, but chief among them is the fact that The Net (starring Sandra Bullock) is not a terrific piece of cinema. The trailer above gives you a sense of that -- including a very perplexing pronunciation of the word "modem." In Episode 14 of The Throwback Show (embedded below), we break down the rest of the grim details. Also: a look back to the Nintendo Entertainment System in all its glory, as we rank our favorite games ranging from Tecmo Bowl to Contra to Super Mario Bros. 3. You can find the episode on iTunes, or directly below this paragraph -- and as always, more links relating to 1995 after that... 

More links from 1995:

The Net - the fire extinguisher kill job
The Net - Angela's house has been sold
The Net - Angela crashes into Devlin's car
The Net - Fire drill
Nintendo - Little League Baseball (no way this is better than RBI)
Nintendo - Rescue the Embassy Mission
Nintendo - Rockin' Kats
Mike's reel on Vimeo