Episode 20 - 1993: Tombstone and Whoomp! (There It Is)


In our latest episode (embedded below this paragraph), Zack Verhoff and special guest host/Tombstone expert Steve Brandano join Matt Stroup for an in-depth discussion of the classic Western, starring Kurt Russell (as Wyatt Earp), Val Kilmer (as Doc Holiday) and a host of other notable actors (including but not limited to Jason Priestley). We break down everything from the shootout at the O.K. Corral to Doc Holliday’s cup-twirling technique to Steve’s top-10 quotes. Also, Zack has an investigative report on the hit song Whoomp! (There It Is). Enjoy the episode, and more on 1993 right below the audio player... 


Episode 19 - 1984: The Karate Kid


It's the rare Throwback Show movie that needs almost no intro. Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Ali with an i and The Cobra Kai. Also, a terrible station wagon. We break it all down in Episode 19 right here... 


Episode 18 Update: Zack's Beverly Hills, 90210 Memories


As you know if you listened to Episode 18 of The Throwback Show, co-host Zack V. is a big big fan of 90210 - and he knows a ton about the show, all of which is true and not at all made up. He shared a few of his memories on the air during Episode 18, but he wanted to pass along the rest. Here they are... enjoy!

-Remember when Tori Spelling's character, Donna Martin, got in that car crash?  Scary, but so real.

-Fav. Moment: when Luke Perry's character tried out for the football team but got his arm broken during tryouts.  After it healed up, he was able to throw a really wicked fastball.  Then the Chicago Cubs get word of this and draft him to play for them--he ends up having an incredible rookie season.  So unlikely, but so very compelling!

-Sad news when Ian Zierling's character, Steve, got that eye infection while vacationing in the Amazon, but he did a remarkable job of playing a partially blind person, brought good awareness to the struggles of losing your eyesight, especially at that young age.  I've gotta give him mad props and big kudos for that portrayal.

-Lighter moments of Brenda and Brandon get into that fight in the kitchen about how much mayonnaise to put on a sandwich.  They really bickered like siblings do!  I heard they lived together while the show was taping to get into character better.  Let's just say they had to share one bathroom, and those two are both high maintenance, so you can imagine the tiffs they got into waiting for the shower! LOL!

-The show was so real at times: when Dylan killed those drifters just to win over Brenda's heart.  What a great sex scene that followed!

-There was that one season where that new kid, Trevor, came to school and everyone was excited for him because he was wearing that leather jacket and said he had a motorcycle.  As the season progressed, we got hints that there was more to him than meets the eye, and lo and behold, he was an undercover cop!  The drug bust scene at the end of that was quite the cliffhanger!

-And who can forget the summer vacation 3 episode mini-series, when the gang went to Hawaii and everyone fell in love with local gals and guys.  You felt like you were in on the fun, surfing, having bonfires, and generally being a teen in summertime.  Just thinking about it is a treat right now; feel like I have the breeze in my hair and a coconut drink in my hand.  

-Creator's of the show were really able to build out their world; half of the fun was just seeing the gang hang out at The Max, having to be stuck in the library for detention all weekend, and when they all tried to pledge for fraternities, but were ostracized for being nerds.  So many fun adventures with the gang!

Thanks, Beverley Hills 90210!

(If you haven't heard it already, check out Episode 18 below...)


Episode 18 - 2000: Mission to Mars, Beverly Hills, 90210


In Episode 18, we venture into unchartered territory on this podcast: the year 2000, and a film called Mission to Mars (starring Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Tim Robbins and some pouches of Dr. Pepper). Also on this episode: We look back to the show Beverly Hills, 90210, and a real-life 90210 expert (Mike) shows off his skills in a pressure-packed round of trivia. As always, you can find the episode on iTunes, or just click play below... and more links from 2000 right after the media player...

Mission to Mars - trailer
Mission to Mars - the first sandstorm (aka the big one)
Mission to Mars - the start of the dancing scene (the only full-length version we could find was dubbed in German)
Beverly Hills, 90210 - Scott's death
Mike's brother: very helpful as a trivia lifeline 
This just in: Brady Anderson's 50-HR year was 1996


Episode 17 - 1983: Risky Business and the Thriller video


After a couple shaky movies of late (most notably the nightmare that was The Net), we finally land back on a film that holds up quite well: Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Joe Pantoliano and the always formidable Bronson Pinchot. Also during this trip back to the early 80's, we revisit the debut of the music video from Michael Jackson's Thriller. As always, the episode is available on iTunes, or you can play it directly below... and after the media player we'll have more links related to 1983:

More from 1983:

Risky Business - the train scene (featuring In the Air Tonight, by Phil Collins)
Risky Business - the dancing scene
The Thriller video


Episode 16 - 1986: Big Trouble in Little China, Whitney Houston's How Will I Know


The clip above may not perfectly sum up Big Trouble in Little China, but it doesn't perfectly not sum it up either.

What are we talking about? We truly have no idea, which is indicative of how disorienting it is to watch the film in question. In Episode 16 of The Throwback Show, we attempt to make some sense of this thing, while also discussing some of the top songs on the charts in 1986. As always, the episode is on iTunes (and embedded just below this paragraph), and you can scroll down beyond that for more links related to 1986...


Episode 15 - 1993: True Romance, the Legend of Andre the Giant


More than two decades after the fact, True Romance remains one of our all-time favorite movies. And the scene above (with Christian Slater and Bronson Pinchot discussing a coke deal on a roller coaster) is quietly one of the movie's most entertaining scenes.

In Episode 15 of The Throwback Show, we relive this movie and its insane cast (Dennis Hopper, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman and the list goes on) in all its glory. We also look back to the life and times of Andre the Giant. You can listen to the episode right below this paragraph, and as always, scroll down for more links connected to 1993...


Prepare for Episode 15...


...by heading back to 1993 and watching an all-time favorite movie for at least one of the hosts of The Throwback Show: True Romance. Seriously, this movie is great, and has a lot of fun scenes to revisit (unlike The Net, which is an agonizingly slow two-hour trudge through nonsense that no human should have to relive unless they are recording a podcast episode about it).

So anyhow, check out True Romance. And if you're feeling like overachieving, you can also do some light reading on the life and times of Andre the Giant. We'll be talking about him as well when the episode goes live later this week...


Episode 14 - 1995: The Net and the NES


We learned a number of things on our return trip to 1995, but chief among them is the fact that The Net (starring Sandra Bullock) is not a terrific piece of cinema. The trailer above gives you a sense of that -- including a very perplexing pronunciation of the word "modem." In Episode 14 of The Throwback Show (embedded below), we break down the rest of the grim details. Also: a look back to the Nintendo Entertainment System in all its glory, as we rank our favorite games ranging from Tecmo Bowl to Contra to Super Mario Bros. 3. You can find the episode on iTunes, or directly below this paragraph -- and as always, more links relating to 1995 after that... 

More links from 1995:

The Net - the fire extinguisher kill job
The Net - Angela's house has been sold
The Net - Angela crashes into Devlin's car
The Net - Fire drill
Nintendo - Little League Baseball (no way this is better than RBI)
Nintendo - Rescue the Embassy Mission
Nintendo - Rockin' Kats
Mike's reel on Vimeo


Get ready for Episode 14...


...by not watching The Net (1995), starring Sandra Bullock.

Seriously, don't watch it. It's bad. If you should want to watch it, it is streamable on Netflix, but we really don't recommend it. We'll do our best to make some sense of this thing when Episode 14 arrives soon. In the meantime, you can extend your life by two hours by watching the trailer above instead of the movie. 


Here's your Armageddon spaceship party photo...


As promised, here's delayed proof that Zack did indeed build a spaceship for the 10th anniversary of Armageddon in 2008. If you haven't yet heard Episode 12 -- in which we discuss the great asteroid movie and the circumstances that led Zack to build this thing -- you can find it right here. In the meantime, we need to get back to planning the 20th anniversary party, which is just three short years away... 


Episode 13 - 1985: Better Off Dead, We Are the World


We Are the World (starring Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and a host of others) is without question one of the most remarkable musical collaborations in history.

Meanwhile, Better Off Dead (starring John Cusack) is quite simply one of the oddest movies we've ever seen.

In Episode 13 of The Throwback Show (embedded below, or available through whatever podcast listening apparatus you use), we discuss both these items in detail. Here's the episode, and below that, some more links related to 1985: 


Episode 12 - 1998: Armageddon, the Music Industry's Super Tuesday


Few movies batter the senses quite as aggressively as Armageddon, the 2-hour, 30-minute extravaganza in which a Texas-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth is one of the least ridiculous things that happens. In Episode 12 of The Throwback Show (available as always on iTunes, or via the media player below), we break down this exhausting film in all its absurdity. Plus, a look back to the day dubbed "Super Tuesday" in the music industry, when Garth Brooks, Method Man, Ice Cube, Seal, Whitney Houston, Jewel and Mariah Carey all released albums on the same day. Here's the episode, and below that, some more links pertaining to 1998...

More from 1998:

Armageddon - the President's speech
Armageddon - Animal Crackers!
Armageddon - Harry's drawn out goodbye to his daughter
Armageddon - Harry saves Earth
Peter Stormare (Lev Andropov from Armageddon) on The Frogger episode of Seinfeld
Frank Van Keeken (NASA guy from Armageddon) as Vegetable Lasagna on Seinfeld
More on music Super Tuesday 1998
Jewel sings karaoke in disguise 


Episode 11 - 1991: Point Break, Use Your Illusion I and II


Sometimes, regardless of circumstances (staking out a bank) or time of day (10:30am), you just want a meatball sandwich. In Episode 11 of The Throwback Show (1991), we discuss Angelo Pappas' sudden lack of focus and much more as we revisit Point Break (Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves). Plus, a look back to the highly anticipated release of Use Your Illusion I and II, the two albums unleashed on the same day by Guns N' Roses. The episode, as always, is just below these words, and you can scroll down further to find more links from 1991...

More from 1991:

The Point Break beach football scene
Point Break skydiving
Point Break - the beach fight (featuring the classic "yuppie insects" line)
November Rain video
Don't Cry video
You Could Be Mine video (made famous by Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
Smells Like Teen Spirit video
An explanation of the Parental Advisory sticker (with no mention of an age limit back in the early 90's, but we still remember being a little nervous trying to buy Use Your Illusion I and II...)